What we do

Cubix Minds offers its events management services to companies, organisations, scientific societies, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, educational institutions and individual people and groups, whether they are based in Cyprus or abroad.

We are committed in planning, organising and producing your events, based on your exact needs, preferences and budget.

We are able to support any event of any size, anywhere in Cyprus, and we are happy to plan and complete as many aspects of your event as you wish.

Our services are divided into four main categories:


Cubix Intellectual

Plans and organises conferences, congresses, seminars and meetings.

We can help you create a professionally-organised event, which, regardless of its size, will offer to your attendees exceptional opportunities for learning as well as unforgettable experiences. An indicative list of events organised by Cubix Intellectual is:

  • National and International scientific and business conferences
  • Corporate meetings
  • Corporate development and training seminars
  • Associations’ and organisations’ meetings
  • Thematic conferences and meetings
  • Virtual meetings
  • Congress bidding

Cubix Identity

Cubix Identity focuses on corporate events, as well as trade shows and special interest events in Cyprus.

At Cubix Minds, we work closely with you in order to comprehend your company’s philosophy, as it is critical for us to be able to incorporate it in your events. An indicative list of events organised by Cubix Identity is:

  • Product and service launches
  • Press conferences
  • Corporate celebrations
  • Award ceremonies
  • Incentive trips and events
  • Hospitality management
  • Academic events and Graduation ceremonies
  • Event marketing campaigns
  • Networking events
  • Opening ceremonies
  • Themed business events, parties and dinners
  • Themed trade shows
  • Special interest trips and events

Cubix Illuminate

Cubix Illuminate deals with cultural, social and sports events

Whether the purpose is to promote or enhance a cause or whether you simply wish to bring an artist to the fore. An indicative list of events organised by Cubix Illuminate is:

  • Music concerts, shows and happenings
  • Art exhibitions
  • Cultural festivals
  • Charity events
  • Sports events

Cubix Incognito

Make your private celebrations memorable

Cubix Incognito can make your private celebrations memorable, relieving you from the stress and practical aspects of carrying them out, thus allowing you the opportunity to enjoy a carefree event with your guests in Cyprus or abroad. An indicative list of events organised by Cubix Incognito is:

  • Special private celebrations
  • Themed parties
  • Wedding proposal planning and staging
  • Exclusive weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Vows renewal
  • Family reunions

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